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My Brain Hurts

The story, which sprawls to tell the story of several young, LGBT New York teenagers, is deeply impactful and heart-wrenching. Because of the realistic troubles these young characters face there are trigger warnings in this comic, especially for people who’ve dealt with abuse via homophobia. But [Julien] is an eternal optimist, and this comic serves simultaneously as a love letter and a middle finger to the hard times of growing up gay around 2001 in NYC. With over 100 pages of content, including “Where Are They Now” character roundups, My Brain Hurts Vol. 2 is an amazing deal, and a powerful work of art.

– Giaco Furino, Vice

“My Brain Hurts: Volume One” collects the first five issues of the minicomic that I put out between about 2001-2007. It is about queer punk teens in NYC in the 90s, and their trials and tribulations. Kind of like a punk rock Degrassi. Vaguely semi-autobio. (CW: homophobic violence and harassment)

“My Brain Hurts: Volume Two” collects the final five issues of the minicomic that I put out between about 2001-2007. The harrowing conclusion to this queer punk teen melodrama!


With FREEWHEEL, [Fitzpatrick] explores a number of familiar fantasy story tropes: the quest, a particular kind of world building, and quirkily distinctive characters the heroine encounters on the way. There’s a commitment to the world [they’ve] created that breathes life into this story on every page. With FREEWHEEL, [Fitzpatrick] has demonstrated that [they’ve] mastered an entirely new dialect of the language of comics.

–Rob Clough (the Comics Journal)

“Freewheel: Volume One” collects the first five chapters of the webcomic, “Freewheel,” which I worked on from roughly 2009-2011. It is an all-ages fantasy/adventure story whose original back cover description read as follows:

Jamie and her older brother Jack have always been inseparable. Growing up mostly in foster care, he’s the only family Jamie has ever known. So when she wakes up one morning to find him gone without a trace, she takes it upon herself to find him. Little does she know, there is a whole secret society of people just outside our own who are ready and willing to help her on her quest.

“Freewheel: Volume Two” collects chapters 6-10 of the webcomic, “Freewheel.” It continues where volume one (above) leaves off. The original back cover read:

Jamie has been looking for her brother. She hasn’t found him yet, but she has found an omniscient cat lady made of rags, a reluctant one-armed vagabond guide, and a few kindly souls who are willing to use their unique skills to help her on her quest. Jamie is thwarted at every turn by her lack of knowledge about their world and its rules, as well as a mysterious force known as the Darkness, which continues to pursue her for reasons unknown.